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24 / 7 IT Support for your Business

Talk to us about Computer Health Insurance
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Identity Computing Offers a Fixed Price / Flat Fee Computer Health Insurance policy to our clients, enabling them to budget for their IT expenditure accurately, and allowing us to be a transparent as possible with our clients.
Why should your business need to stop for an update that could easily be done when your staff aren't there. We don't charge an after hours surcharge.
Our goal is to minimise downtime for your business and staff, enabling you to focus on your business rather than needing to worry about your computer systems, leave that to us.
We offer 24/7 monitoring of critical systems with automated processes enabling unattended recovery for common performance issues and system outages.
Our team is passionate and dedicated to keep your business running as efficiently as possible, making use of the latest technology and working out how that technology can be integrated into your business to improve your employee's productivity and keep your costs as low as possible.
Kurt: 0422 550 082
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